Total Gym Review – My Total Gym Success Story

January 15th, 2009 / 795 Comments » / by Content Zookeeper

My Total Gym Review website is finally live!  Check it out here at Total Gym Reviews.  What will you learn at the site?  Well the first page starts out with an introduction to why I started using the Total Gym, how my fitness improved and my back pain diminished after I started usign the Total Gym.

I review the three models of the total Gym that are available at home, and show off some of the exercises.  A few success stories top it all off as well as a blog.  Check out Total Gym Reviews right now!


Hypnosis Affiliate Programs to Monetize Your Site

November 6th, 2008 / 865 Comments » / by Content Zookeeper

Do you have a website that deals with hypnosis?  How about one that deals with weight loss, confidence, sports performance, public speaking or test taking?  Try adding a hypnosis affiliate program to your site!

Hypnosis affiliate programs will increase value that you offer your visitors by pointing them towards resources that will help them SOLVE the problem they have.  Remember, people seek solutions to two major problems.  To avoid pain and to gain pleasure.  Hypnosis programs assist with both facets of problem solving and make great sales opportunities for your blog or website.

Try adding a hypnosis affilate program to your website today and see if your users find added value!

Home Beer Making – Your First Ale

October 20th, 2008 / 797 Comments » / by HomeBrewedBeer

Home beer making is much easier than you may realize.  Many people have enthusiastically embraced home beer making for a number of reasons.  Making beer at home is fun, it’s cost effective, your home made beer tastes great, and you can brew and experiment with many, many different fun recipes!

It’s easy to get started with many home beer making kits, like those made by Mr. Beer and Coopers.  A full kit that includes everything you need to brew several gallons of beer typically costs about $40 dollars or so…if you want to spend a little bit more, you can get more ingredients to make 3, 5 or even 7 batches of Home brewed beer.

Home Beer Making is so simple that you can have your fist batch started by this evening, and in a week, put it in bottles and start your second batch.  In two weeks you’ll be drinking your first home brew!

Hello world!

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